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Youth Services

Provides prevention, early intervention and treatment to divert youth from entering (or re-entering) the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The goal is to keep families intact.


1) Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services

The primary component of this program is that staff provide 24-hour crisis intervention services for youth, ages 10-17, in Peoria County who have runaway, been "locked out" by a parent, or who refuse to return home after coming in contact with law enforcement. Parents may call to make a referral for youth who have experienced similar problems but who have not yet come in contact with law enforcement. The program works to preserve or reunify the living situation. Services are available for up to three months and may include crisis counseling, mediation, short-term placement, individual/family/group counseling, recreation, skill building, advocacy and linkage to other services.


2) Homeless Youth Services

These services are offered to homeless youth and youth at risk of becoming homeless, ages 18-24, who are in Peoria County at the time of referral. A youth may go to any fire station in the city of Peoria or call 309.687.8787 24-hours a day. A worker from the program will respond within 60 minutes if the situation is an emergency. Otherwise, an intake appointment will be set that meets the needs of the youth. Services are available for up to 24 months and may include: crisis counseling, short-term placement, provision of basic needs (food, clothing, toiletries), case management, individual family/group counseling, financial assistance, skill building, employment assistance, educational planning, psychological evaluation, drug/alcohol assessment/treatment and/or linkage to other services. The optimum goal is reunification with family but when this is not possible, a plan is developed to help the youth become self-sufficient.


3) Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT)

LOT is a youth development program at Manual High School designed to provide at-risk students with support services to promote a successful high school experience. Services include, but are not limited to: academic support, community service opportunities and personal development experiences that promote positive choices, reduction of at-risk behaviors, development of post-secondary and career aspirations. LOT students earn financial incentives throughout high school. Upon graduation, funds accrued can be accessed by students to pay for post-secondary educational and vocational expenses.


4) Mental Health Juvenile Justice Program

This program addresses the mental health, Mood Disorder or Psychotic Disorder needs of youth 10-17 years old who have become involved in the Juvenile Justice System. Services include an initial assessment, case coordination, linkage and referral to appropriate services and psychiatric consultation to address their mental health needs. Juvenile Detention Center staff, probation officers, court officials, mental health providers or other professionals involved with the youth may make a referral for services.


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